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What is MakeBoardGame?

We know what it’s like to love board games. If it includes friends, dice, cards, and cardboard we’re all over it. We can’t get enough.

If you’re like us, you started playing tabletop games and it wasn’t too long before you started wondering how hard it can be to create your own.

The brains behind MakeBoardGame are right where you’re at. We have dreamed up board games, and we’re now starting from scratch. We want to help you in your journey of making a board game by being transparent about ours. We’ll show you step-by-step what it takes to make a board game. Everything from brainstorming, designing, playtesting and publishing.

We know people are going to love our game, and we know that the gaming world wants to play yours too!

So stick around, join our community, and start building that game you were meant to create.